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skull smash!
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this is the visual equivalent to an eggcorn, you know when you hear something like holiday sauce but years later you find out its actually holinday sauce. anyway ever since I moved in with Debra she has had a copy of an american tragedy sitting on the shelf. On the cover and spine is an image of a person sitting in a boat but I always saw it as some tentacle guy.


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Here's a review I found of my story in the awesomer anotholgy

Review #25: “THE SEABEAST SOLUTION: PART I” by Rich Miller

Big in scale and flat out craziness is the best way I can describe the four-page “THE SEABEAST SOLUTION: PART 1.” Wonderfully rendered by Rich Miller, this “silent” story is very clear from panel to panel as to what actions are taking place, but once or twice a page you find yourself asking “What the hell is going on?!”
A scuba diver in a hot air balloon? A scuba diver parachuting from a hot hair balloon into a giant whale’s mouth? The giant whale being stabbed though its body and pig-stuck above a ship’s mast thanks to a quick thinking Captain? I think the only words in the story sum it up best: “WTF! To be continued...”
I wish I had some of the art to show for the story. Mr. Miller uses a nice, fine line he balances out great with spot blacks, but leaving the page feeling open and airy - allowing for the sense of scale I mentioned in the opening.
It said “to be continued,” and I for one, would like to see what comes next. You can check some of Rich Miller’s art at richmillerart.com.
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sweet bertie love 1000pxl
DIY nom deplume
Bertie v Zombies
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so my pals Brandon and Justin did some appleseed drawings and I had to join in. now its up to david!

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Edited by Indie Spinner Rack's Charlito and Mr. Phil!

You can't keep a great indie anthology down! The boys at Indie Spinner Rack have been producing the premiere indie comics podcast for over three years, and in 2007 produced the aptly-titled AWESOME anthology. Now they're back, along with a few dozen of their friends and favorite guests... who happen to be some of the greatest cartoonists in the industry!
AWESOME 2: AWESOMER is edited by Charlito and Mr. Phil, hosts of Indie Spinner Rack, and designed once again by Eisner nominee Jon Adams. Contributors include Chris Duffy, Sarah Glidden, Fred Van Lente and Ryan Dunlavey, Jeff Lemire, Alex Robinson, J. Chris Campbell, Robert Goodin, Alex Cahill, Chris Schweizer, and MANY more -- with a cover by the legendary Jeff Smith!
What's more, half the proceeds from every book sold will go to fund a student scholarship to the Center for Cartoon Studies! What are you waiting for!? Pick up AWESOMER today! -- Softcover Graphic Novel (Anthology) with inserted mini-comic, 200 pages, 6" x 9"


yep so thats the o ficial blurb on the anthology that the little four pager I did will be in. I think it debutts at MOCCA.

$14.95 (US)
Diamond: MAR094431 - ISBN 978-1-60309-039-1
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